I live in an apartment and because of an unexpected illness, I had to find a pet sitter quickly who could take my dogs for their daily walks. I have two dogs – Sadie, a shy and sweet Cairn Terrier mix, and Leon, a busy and loveable long haired mini Dapple Dachshund. After just a couple of visits, Sadie, who is usually slow to warm up to people, began to wag her tail when Rene came for the daily visits. Leon shared his kisses and funny personality instantly with Rene. Rene is fantastic and is warm and caring with not only her “doggie clients” but her “human clients” as well. I cannot thank her enough for her extra care and concern for me and my babies during a difficult time. If you need a petsitter for your babies, you do not need to look further, just book with Rene now.